About the Founders

Hailing from Philadelphia and Raleigh, NC, we are devoted friends and proud Hampton University alumni.  Some years have passed since we graduated from college, and though we have spent those years pursing our individual careers, we come to you in fellowship and rooted in common experiences of beautiful days on the yard and nights in the dorm.  So in celebration of our Home by the Sea, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and all those who have treaded campus pathways, we decided to build a brand devoted to the joy, promotion, and preservation of Hampton University and all HBCUs. 



  Natalie “Reesie” Stukes 

"Do you have a friend that makes up a rap about her name and has a borderline obsession with Mike Bivins from New Edition and Wale…..what….you don’t???? So I’m the only one huh…..well her name is “Reesie and she don’t mean Piece-ey”…yeah that was the rap.

Reesie hails from Suitland Maryland. Reesie also attended Hampton University and graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. Oddly enough she also befriended a lovely young woman from Philadelphia who was also pursuing a degree in Marketing….but I digress. Reesie has also recently completed her M.B.A in 2015 from the Keller Graduate School of Management. 

When not managing the telecom accounts of large corporations, or when she’s not burning up the highway or racking up frequent flyer miles, you may catch Reesie on occasion at her own home in Raleigh, North Carolina. But if she’s not there, she’s at her local Starbucks most likely in pajama bottoms, I mean yoga pants."
- Tracey Coleman

Tracey Coleman

"I met, Tracey Coleman, while sharing a business class at Hampton University. Over the years we've shared good times, academic success, life accomplishments, New Edition run downs, and now a wonderful business partnership.  

Tracey is from Philadelphia and married a fellow Hamptonian named Jerronne.  She is also a great mommy to her little dog Rufus. 

This is not Tracey's first business. She headed a make-shift business that we labeled "Tracey's Bump & Curl" in the dorms and cottages at Hampton University in the 90's.  Tracey would come to an 8am class with one hairstyle and she would have a different hairstyle by 2pm.  She created our retro New Edition buttons for the concerts that we attended in various cities.  Michael Bivins liked it so much, he decided to keep it.  Fashion and trends have always been her thing. 
Much to her dismay, Tracey and I often seem to be thinking the same thing at the same time, so yeah, she's smart.

Now if she would only realize how great coffee is....." 

- Reesie Stukes